DJ-Set Berlin, June 16th

I’ll play one of my rare and eclectic DJ-sets of nonconformist music at AXL OTL‘s release party at Zukunft am Ostkreuz on Friday June 16th from 10pm (that’s tomorrow, at the time of writing).
AXL OTL is the latest signing to our label GiveUsYourGOLD and will celebrate his debut 12″ EP Pavero with a live concert of electronica inspired by IDM, radiophonics and his unique French esprit.



Oneiromania EP out NOW!

The EP Oneiromania concludes the trilogy and is out digitally on GiveUsYourGOLD.
Stream and download options are available at your favourite online music outlets. Try these for example:

Amazon                                                 Spotify

iTunes                                                    Deezer


Track listing:
1. Perceptronium
2. Mnemonicon
3. Oneiromania

Notopia EP out NOW!

New EP Notopia is out worldwide as digital download and stream on GiveUsYourGOLD now! Listen and/or download at the following sites (and many more:

Amazon                                                 Spotify

iTunes                                                    Deezer


And here’s the track listing:
1. Notopia
2. Hierophantiasis
3. Dysphoria

The third EP in the trilogy, Oneiromania, will be out two weeks later, on April 28th. Happy holidays!

Metastabilty EP out NOW!

Today marks the worldwide digital release of Metastability! The EP is out on GiveUsYourGOLD and you can get it, stream it, download it at the following digital music music outlets (and many more):

Amazon                                                 Spotify

iTunes                                                   Deezer


Track listing:
1. Subjunctivitis
2. Ekpyrosis
3. Metastability
4. Kosmosis

The other EPs in the trilogy, Notopia and Oneiromania, will be out on April 14th and April 28th respectively.

A Trilogy Of EPs

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Psychonautilus is back from deep with three new EPs on GiveUsYourGOLD, the label for nonconformist music. Sonic explorations and no-decompression dives from the backwaters of the mind on ten tracks – all aboard! Available worldwide from these dates:

Metastability – 31.03.2017 //  Notopia – 14.04.2017 //  Oneiromania – 28.14.2017