DJing in Berlin this Saturday!

Hello everyone,
this Saturday, April 14th, I will make an extra-rare DJ appearance as Professor Arronax at Betonbruch Festival 3, ZGK/Scharni 38 in Berlin. The address is Scharnweberstrasse 38 in Friedrichshain.
Expect a long set of weird and wonderful tunes, old and new. All this is happening in the lounge area under my personal motto TANZEN VERBOTEN. But you can always get plenty of action with the rest of the festival’s programme – live bands, DJs, exhibitions and more. Doors open from 8pm.
Be there!


p.s.: Sorry for the long silence – there have been (and are) exciting things going on with Psycho & Plastic – keep your eyes on for more information!

Psycho & Plastic tour ended – Free Download!

Last weekend we successfully ended the extensive Psycho & Plastic tour in Dresden and Leipzig with the proper amount of partying worthy of the occasion! (Apologies for the cancelled show in Eisenach.)
Thanks to everyone who made this tour effort happen, by coming to see us play, putting on the shows, helping us via or supporting us in any other conceivable way. You are the best!

As a little token of our gratitude, we now give you a FREE DOWNLOAD of our track “1999”. It’s the live version we recorded for BBC Radio Merseyside at Blackstone Studios, Berlin in October 2011.

More news, pictures and videos of the tour are about to follow. Please also check out the videoblogs we made over at the new PSYCHO & PLASTIC WEBSITE


New Date – Regensburg on December 1st!

There’s been a recent addition to our Psycho & Plastic tour dates – we play at Zur Wilden Erica in Regensburg on Thursday, December 1st!
I’m really happy about this, it’s close to where I grew up and our first show in Regensburg ever.
Hope to see loads of friendly faces there!



Today I’m off to Weimar and then on and on and on with Psycho & Plastic …. the tour is finally here! After we already got into the groove in Manchester. Liverpool and most recently Berlin.
Now it’s Germany all over, with a first visit to Czech Republic on Saturday.
Here are the dates again (most recent version) hope to see you there!

Off we go!

03.11. Weimar Zum Falken
05.11. Usti nad Labem/CZ Circus
06.11. Radio Lotte, Weimar radio concert
09.11. Radebeul Barnyard Club
11.11. Mainz (Halle neben dem) Pengland
12.11. Koblenz Apparat
14.11. Tübingen Jazzkeller
15.11. München Salong Kunstakademie
17.11. Würzburg L Club
18.11. Eckental JUZ
02.12. Hofheim Jazzkeller
03.12. Erfurt SG-Club (Stadtgarten)
09.12. Dresden Chemiefabrik
10.12. Leipzig Noch Besser Leben
11.12 Eisenach Schorschl

These ones happened already:
21.10 Manchester Ruby Lounge
22.10. Liverpool/UK Binary Jam @ Wostenholme Creative Space
29.10. Berlin Posthumans / LA54 – Elektro Halloween


Super Elektro Halloween Party, that’s what they call it.
Saturday, Oct 29th, that’s when it happens.

And on top of it being the first official Psycho & Plastic show in Berlin in more than six months, it will also be the last party ever to take place at Posthumans, or more precisely, the whole LA54 art space building on Landsberger Allee 54. 5 Star Hotels have won over art, studio spaces and one of the last oldschool Berlin free spaces. Again.
So take your last chance to party in this amazing environment – there will be plenty of bands, acts and DJs on.
It’s also your last chance to catch Psycho & Plastic in Berlin before we’re off touring. And to rise to the occasion we will not only present our new line of still super-secret merchandise, but also premier some new tracks you’ve never seen or heard us play. Promise!
So get down to Posthumans in the basement of LA54, in a Halloween costume or not, and party like your life depends on it. It’s Halloween after all!

Tour Posters!

Our dear friend and artwork specialist David Wanka came up with an amazing poster design for this tour, outdoing himself once again.
And two days ago a poor guy from the delivery company nearly threw his back out carrying a huge parcel full of freshly printed posters up the stairs. But he made it all the way up to my door and now they’re here! Did I mention that they look fabulous?
Keep your eyes peeled, they’ll be popping up everywhere we play within the next days. And so you know what you’re looking for, I’ve attached some pictures….

Thanks Dave! Thanks unknown delivery man!


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New Psycho & Plastic Video & BBC Radio Play


the big and long awaited Psycho & Plastic tour is drawing nearer and a lot of strings we’ve been pulling over the last weeks and months are finally coming together. It’s too much to put in one single post and sometimes too much to keep in one, or even two, head(s). So you’ll see some more activity on here than usual in the next weeks.

Our CROWD FUNDING PROJECT over at has been going well so far. At the time of writing, we’ve already collected 320€ of the 500€ we’re aiming at. Thanks for all that money, folks!
There’s exactly 14 days days left now to help us raise the missing 180€, so please keep it coming!

To show you what we’ve been up to in the meantime and as a little extra motivational tool for all prospective supporters, we’ve made a short video of our recent activities and confirmed tour dates:

The live session was recorded at BLACKSTONE STUDIOS for Roger Hill’s PMS Show, which is on BBC Radio Merseyside every Sunday night – or Monday, technically speaking – between midnight and 2am (UK time). In the lead up to our UK shows next week (see PREVIOUS POST ), Roger gave us some airplay and mention on his last show and will do so again this Sunday.
You can listen to PMS via the BBC. Last Sunday’s show is still available.

More good and exciting news to come, stay tuned!